fredbassett (fredbassett) wrote in tolkien100,

New Banner!

We hope you like our new look! liadtbunny has made a lovely banner for the comm, and we've got our first two challenges up and running!

The comm's new style now supports tags, and we have set some up for recent posts and started the work of back-tagging past entries. Members can use any of the visible tags, and we'll set you up with a shiny new author tag when you post if yours isn't there yet. Likewise we'll happily add any new tags a post needs.

Please do pimp the comm far and wide! We're very much up and running now, and all drabbles are welcome, whether for the challenges or anything that takes your fancy as long as it's related to Tolkien and his works!

Come in, play, have fun!
Tags: !modpost

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